Nature and Biodiversity

Dogon country offers beautiful views of vast plains rolling into the rugged cliffs of the Bandiagara Escarpment.

The escarpment, a sandstone cliff, rises about 500 meters above the lower sandy Gonodo plains to the south. Approximately 150 kilometers long and the highest peak rising 1,115 meters, the escarpment offers shelter to the Dogon people as well as a unique cultural tourism experience.

The Nyame, the picturesque river, runs along the eastern side of the town of Bandiagara. Pink and orange sand dunes can be seen at the bottom of the escarpment on the way to Indeli. Trekking through the region one can spot onion fields, Baobab trees, and red rocks. Sacred crocodiles are harbored near the Amani village.

There are many beautiful species of birds in Dogon country. You will be able to spot the jacana, the gabar, the youyou, the calao and the barbican. Please have a look at the complete list of birds in the following PDFs: birds 1, birds 2, birds 3, birds 4.

There are also many beautiful trees and plant species, including Acassia, Borassus, Baobab, cassia. Consult here the list of medicinal plants in Dogon Country.

(Informations gathered by the Mission culturelle of Bandiagara)