Dogon Journal

Ambedjele, Sewa, Bonjour!

Welcome to beautiful and majestic Dogon Country.

The people of Dogon Country have created a new guidebook  highlighting 16 villages that will soon be available for purchase in the country.

The Dogon Journal is not your typical guidebook. Using this book, the reader has an opportunity to be an active part of Dogon Country. The histories and rich stories about different villages that have been told by the Dogons themselves. The journal also offers the chance for a reflective  record of your own impressions and thoughts as you travel this beautiful land.

Importantly, by buying this book, you will help contribute to the economic development of the Dogon people through its purchase and the enjoyable adventure of filling it with stamps. The income received by the stamps will be pulled into a community fund, which the community then decides how best to use for the development of their village.

More details about where to buy this guidebook will follow.