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  1. Une région fantastique

    Dates du voyage : Décembre 2010

    Mon séjour au Pays Dogon a été merveilleux à bien des égards…
    Un peuple très accueillant dans un coin si éloigné du monde occidental.
    J’y retournerai.

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  2. Inoubliable

    Dates du voyage : Novembre 2009

    Un lieu magique, étonnant, encore loin du monde moderne.
    Une histoire intense, des habitants accueillants, un séjour totalement dépaysant, riche en beauté et en échanges.

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  3. A wonderful experience

    Dates du voyage : March 2007

    I traveled here in 2007- it was a wonderful experience!! The views here are absolutely amazing! We hiked a little bit, and saw some of the most amazing views. At one point, you can look out and see 2 other countries. Also, the Dogon villages were great to see- definitely one of a kind! Some of the crafts they sell there are amazing, too! I would definitely go back if I had another opportunity. I’d stay a little longer than I did so I could explore some more. We stayed in a « hotel » there.
    I traveled all over Mali, and this was by far one of the top 5 places I saw. It’s truly one of a kind!!

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  4. A wonderful experience

    Dates du voyage : December 2008

    I lived in Dogon Country (on the other side of the failaise- Koubawelkoundia- Douentza side) for a year. I slept on my roof and I always felt like I was truly sleeping in a bowl of stars. I don’t think I will ever sleep in a place as magical again! I also took a trip through the Biandiagara side of Dogon. The views were stunning (words don’t do it justice). We went to Borko to see the sacred crocodiles. It’s not that easy to get to, but totally worth going to! I really wish I could have spent some more time there to learn more about what they were planting, what they were doing in their fields…it was a green oasis in Dogon country! The sacred crocodiles were interesting! You find the sage in charge and buy him a bag of meat, which he feeds to the crocodiles. It’s a bit scary because they come pretty close, but also pretty amazing the way he just makes a guttural noise with his throat and all of these crocodiles appear from a very small stream!

    While you are in Dogon country…Try pounding some millet…the pestles are heavy! You’ll suddenly have a huge appreciation for the way women are able to throw them in the air, clap or shout, and catch them on their way back down!

    Definitely worth the trip!

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  5. A wonderful experience

    Dates du voyage : August 2011

    Despite some other problems we had with our « original » guide (not the official Dogon guides), our hike through the Dogon country was by far the highlight of our week. We started in Djiguibombo and finished in Benimatu…quite a bit of hiking but a trip well worth taking! I would love to return some time and stay longer when it is not during Ramadan and it is not so dang hot! Make sure you bring extra coins if you want to photograph the local people but make sure to ask them first!

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  6. L'hotel la falaise

    Dates du voyage : August 2011

    J’ai séjourné à l’hôtel La Falsie et c’était un hôtel magnifique ! Je me suis vraiment senti comme chez moi, loin de chez nous. Le personnel est très chaleureux et courtois et j’ai adoré leur Ginger verre locale, une expérience à tenter !

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  7. Increible

    Dates du voyage : October 2011

    Hay lugares que son Patrimonio de la Humaidad que no merecen la pena ser visitados pero este destila autenticidad que te proporciona sensaciones únicas e inolvidables.

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    Dates du voyage : October 2008

    souvenir magnifique d’un voyage inoubliable … en pays Dogon . ce qui ma permis de liqre un certainnombnre de livre sur la cosmogonie Dogonq … je voulais y revenir … et j’y reviendra..
    voyage à recommander …. civilisation magnifique ….. .tenez bon …. on va revenir …amicalement Francine et Jean Louis …

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  9. So worth it!

    Dates du voyage : December 2011

    We totally loved trekking in Dogon Country. The Bandigara escarpment was a bit of a challenge but we made it. We then trekked to Nombori where we slept on the village rooftops. In Nombori the women danced for us (paid about $20.00 to help build their new well) and pulled us up in to the dance. It was amazing.

    It was so hot so I trekked in flip flops and they worked:-) We trekked twice a day for three days then trekked back out of the escarpment. We loved Tireli, sleeping again on the rooftops. Seeing the Masked Dancers is a must especially since you have come all of the way to Mali, why miss it.

    What i loved most were the children. They would come running and walk miles with us, holding on to our hands. This happened as we left each village.

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