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You are a tour operator or travel agency offering tours in Dogon Country?
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This website is designed to promote the tourism destination of Dogon Country. All agencies and tour operators offering tours in Dogon country are invited to promote their tours through this site. The registration process is simple. Register by creating an account, fill out the form using the link below. After a few days, your application will be accepted and your tours including your contact details will appear on the site, allowing users to contact you. This service is free.

Some tips:

  • Upload up to 4 photos. Choose good quality, attractive photographs, keep file size down so that pictures load quickly for site visitors.
  • The description of your tours has to be concise and catchy. If users want to know more about your services, they can click on your website or send you an e-mail, so there is no need for too many details on this site.
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